HFJArtGuide for Visible Storage

Download the free app, HFJArtGuide, for your own iPhone ®, iPod ® touch, and iPad ® (requires iOS 4.0 or later) on the App Store and use it to explore over one thousand works in our visible storage gallery

For most other smartphones or from your desktop, visit the browser version of HFJArtGuide here.

Explore a Han Dynasty Chinese Tomb

Explore a tomb like one that might have been built in ancient China, about two thousand years ago. Clues in the game will tell you which artifacts to find.

Buddhist Art in Asia audio tour

Learn about twelve Buddhist works of art in the Johnson's collection. This website explores the rich visual language that Asian cultures have used to convey Buddhist teachings and the history of Buddhism from its beginnings in India and its spread throughout East and Southeast Asia.

At the Museum, take the tour by borrowing a free audio wand at the front desk in the Appel Lobby (main building) or use your cell phone (Ithaca local call, your plan rates will apply).

OMNI China handheld tour

Explore the web version of the handheld tour for children used in our OMNI unit China: Then and Now.