Spring 2021 Teaching Resources For Faculty and Instructors

The Johnson Museum hosts around 400 Cornell class sessions—across 50 departments and programs—each academic year. An excellent resource for interdisciplinary teaching and object-based learning, the Museum collection includes nearly 40,000 works of art from around the world, spanning six millennia. 

During the 2020-21 academic year, spaces at the Museum were open to faculty and students in support of both hybrid and online teaching. Our staff can partner with you to help design a class session tailored to your course objectives using the permanent collection adhering to all safety and health precautions.  

Though our usual permanent collection galleries remain closed, the Johnson is pleased to offer a range of options to spark ideas about how to incorporate art in your teaching, whether on-site or online: 

Teaching with original works of art 

• On-site class sessions for small hybrid classes with close looking at select collection artworks 

• Installations of relevant works of art in new curricular gallery for independent student viewing in service of a class or assignment 

• Media studio for filming works of art for online instruction 

Teaching with digital images 

Access to the Johnson’s collections via our online database: http://emuseum.cornell.edu/  

Access to high-resolution images of artworks for your online activities and assignments 

Class sessions via Zoom with Museum educators and curators to engage with collections

Teaching resources 

• PDF downloads of sample activities, assignments, and worksheets designed for easy customization and use in hybrid and online settings to promote active learning and bolster class community

• Suggestions for impactful student projects that introduce object research; explore how artworks relate to important issues of our time such as public representation and monuments; and investigate the Johnson Museum as an institution that collects, preserves, and exhibits cultural objects 

For more information, email Leah G. Sweet, the Lynch Curatorial Coordinator for Academic Programs.


Updated May 17, 2021