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Curatorial Practice Today: Maryan Ainsworth

“From the Netherlands to Renaissance Rome: Jan Gossart’s 1508 Roman Sojourn”

Maryan Ainsworth is curator of Early Netherlandish, French, and German painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and adjunct professor of the History of Art at Barnard College. She has specialized in the technical investigation of northern Renaissance paintings. Her award-winning books include Petrus Christus: Renaissance Master of Bruges (1994), From Van Eyck to Bruegel: Early Netherlandish Painting in The Metropolitan Museum of Art (1998), Gerard David: Purity of Vision in an Age of Transition (1998), Man, Myth, and Sensual Pleasures: Jan Gossart’s Renaissance (2010), and German Paintings in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1350–1600 (2013).

The new “Curatorial Practicum” seminar “Constructing New Narratives: Curatorial Practice Today” (ARTH 6010), a Spring 2014 course organized by the Museum in collaboration with the Department of the History of Art and Visual Studies, examines curatorial practice related to collection, installation, and exhibition strategies.

A series of lectures held in conjunction with the course will provide students and the public with the opportunity to hear curators from around the country talk about their experiences from cultural and historical contexts, the politics of display, internationalization, and new technologies.

These lectures are supported in part by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.